Bird Watching at Lake Vico

By Adrián Aneiros López, 3rd year ESO PMAR.

Lake Vico is a lake that is located near Bassano Romano (Italy), the place where we took part in an exchange of students this year. Its origin is volcanic and it is a natural reserve so it is very beautiful because there are a lot of trees and many birds of different species. 

We had lunch in a place near the lake: lasagna, beefsteaks and some cakes covered with Nellina, the Italian Nocilla produced in the area. After lunch, we had some rest and spent the afternoon playing, relaxing and having a look around.

At the lake, there was a guide who gave us a lot of information about it and we carried out some interesting activities. In one of them, we entered the forest and they gave us some mirrors to place them under our noses. Then we had to look down and it looked like you were 10 meters above the trees. The aim was that we experienced what a bird feels when it is flying over or amongst the trees. We could feel ourselves like birds! And it was a lot of fun!

When we went to look out for birds on the lake, we were given some binoculars to look at the types of birds that we had in the area and to finish we got deeper into the forest and we all sat quietly to hear all the animals that were in it.

The lake is surrounded by plantations of hazelnut. Nellina comes from them. You get a lot of money from these plantations because the hazelnuts grown here are excellent and most of them are bought by the famous Ferrero Rocher chocolate company.



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