Life in Italy: Sutri.

By Óscar Benjamín Laya Torres (2nd year ESO)

Hello my name is Óscar. Today I will tell you how was my experience in Italy. When we got to the airport in Italy, all the families of our Italian friends and their two teachers were waiting for us.

After that, we all went to the homes of our Italian friends, but all the Italians lived in different villages. My Italian friend, Alessandra, lived in a town called Sutri. When we arrived home, her whole family gave me a great welcome and I was very surprised.

Sutri is a village with lots of vegetation and a lot of history that took place many years ago. I was amazed because the village was very large, wonderful and with great views of the sunset. I could see the amphitheatre. It was the place where the Romans performed plays and operas. There were also many churches and a castle. It was of the patron saint of Sutri and it was majestic. But what most surprised me is that almost all the houses in the village were built by Alessandra`s grandfather.                        

Italian food is very different to the Spanish one, but they have something in common we both really like pasta . When I ate at night with the Alessandra`s family offered me pizza and spaghetti but their taste was very different to that in Spain . I loved it and I repeated three times. What caught my attention is that they ate little salad and what surprised me the most was that their desserts were delicious and I asked Alessandra’s grandmother to tell me the recipes of the desserts. In the end, the teachers were right, and the ice cream in Italy nice was one of the best in the world, as we could taste in Rome and a few other places.

One of their customs in Sutri is that they always celebrate a feast that is shared amongst all the people in the village on 21st January . It is a dinner that is held in the house of a different person every year. This year, it was celebrated at Alessandra`s family house. They had to cook for a hundred and fifty people, and at her house. That surprised me a lot and I almost faint.

Well, here ends my experience in Italy. I hope that other students can enjoy these experiences and I hope to return.


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