My Experience in Prague.

By Lara Castro López (4th year ESO)

The foreign exchange I took part in this year with the boys and girls from Prague was an unforgettable experience. Despite the cold,we could go to a lot of amazing places.
The first day, we arrived in the evening and we slept in an apartment. We had dinner in a tasty restaurant which was next to our apartment. We ordered a lot of drinks and we spent a lot of money because, for example, a bottle of water (a small one) cost 4 euro! When we had finished dinner and were going to the apartment it started to snow. We stayed at the apartment and noticed that my suitcase was open. We called the boys and one of them came and slept at our apartment.


On the next day, we met our partners and, as we had free time, I didn’t do a big thing.
During the rest of the week, we visited the Prague Castle (it’s enormous and gorgeous), we went ice-skating, went to Terzín concentration camp and saw the most important parts of Prague. One of our Spanish partners fell a lot of times at the ice-skating activity. Fortunately, he didn’t hurt himself.
On the last day, our friends from Prague organised a farewell party for us where we danced and could try a typical Czech dinner.
I’ve made a lot of friends in this exchange, tried many different means of transport: plane, tram, bus and undergound and I’ve enjoyed the most beautiful city in the world.


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