Ahoj from Prague.

By Laura Álvarez (2nd year ESO)

Two weeks ago, me and other fifteen Spanish teenagers had the chance to travel to Prague (Czech Republic) and be part of an amazing exchange programme.
It was quite an experience to me because, first of all, I had never been outside of Spain and I just took one plane when I was seven years old. At first, it was amazing to me to see everything in another language (which was almost impossible to understand to a Spanish person) and to see a completely different lifestyle, but, in the end, I got used to it.

In my case, I was very lucky with the family that I had to live with. The girl, Petra, was very nice and was always willing to give me (or any Spanish) any information about Prague, the Czech Republic, the Czech language or anything about her culture. Her mother, Jarmila, was very caring and acted like she was my real mum, In fact, she even cried at the airport when we were leaving and gave me a lot of different presents.
We visited many beautiful and amazing places, but I think I have two favourites: 


The concentration camp (that was very impressive because of the rooms and the conditions those people had to live with) and the Bedřich Smetana Museum, a place that I only visited with my Czech family. The song writer had a very interesting life and a lot of his songs are really important to Czech people.
I also enjoyed a lot the English class we had at school. I was with two girls that weren’t in the exchange programme and we had a talk about what I wanted to do with my future and the differences between Spain and the Czech Republic.
I hope I can come back to Prague soon and pay a visit to the Rousová family.


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