The  symbol of the city known as the city of king  is monster.  But, this monster is now chaming.  Krakow has  Europe's  oldest old  town square as well as Europe's oldest  covered  bazaar.
The historic city which was entered from seven doors, was built in the 7th century.  In 1978,  it was taken on the Unesco World  Heritage  List. The Main Square of Krakow is one of the most visited sights of the city. People should visit that place for its magnificient buildings, churches  a big covered bazaar. The most striking places in the square are St.Mary Church and Covered Bazaar.
       I think it is the most beautiful and magnificient square of  Poland with its historical buildings, sculptures,  cafes,  restaurants and fancy horse carriages.  Our Project team visited Krakow while we were in Poland. The weather was cold and rainy on that day. However, we had a lot of fun. We walked around, we bought some souvenirs and went to cafes. It was a wonderful day for us. I think, it is the most beautiful Market Square I've ever seen. I liked the lovely atmosphere, good prices for food and drinks. It was just amazing. It wasn't expensive to sit in the cafes and restautrants. The architecture is fantastic.
      I hope to visit and see there again and I recomend to everyone to see and visit Krakow,Poland.


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